Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gruesome Murder at Plushford Circus Tube Station!

I just heard it in the news. A horried murder took place at the Plushford Circus Tube Station. It's important in my opinion that Plushlock is on the case! He will solve this murder in no time. According to the newspeaker, the murderer victim is a 30 year old woman who was found an hour ago at the Tube Station. The body and the head were laying seperatly from each other! What monster can do such a thing? Well, I am waiting now at the morgue so I can do the postmortem. My shift has ended but I want to be the one, so I can help Plushlock solve this case. It's really the only opportunity to be close to him, even if he doesn't notice that I am in the same room but nontheless it gives me great satisfaction that my work is, hower little, of some help to him.

I let you know as soon as I have done the postmortem and have news to tell.

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  1. I was so busy that I forgot to post the solution to this horrific murder. When I did the PM, that poor woman had her eyes cut out! Plushlock solved the case with one glance and knew hat it was her husband who did her in. And can you believe the motiv for the beheading and the removal of her eyes? The wife had looked at a handsome man in the streets!! Clearly psychotic that husband if you ask me.
    So, thanks to Plushlock, case solved.