Monday, June 4, 2012

The mystery of the unknown traffic sign

Should you ever have the strange idea to travel to Switzerland - I recommend against it (except you want to smuggle your money across the frontier for transferring it on a Swiss bank account).
So if you passed the frontier anyway without being arrested by some bored customs officers you may see these traffic signs at the flank of the road:

Like the Swiss language this sign is just strange. Of what does it warn a driver? Sharks? Cruise ships? Men with funny hats? Well, no. Actually it's a traffic sign for snow ploughs. Thank God we usually don't have snow at London and if we have anyway, people are smart enough to leave their cars at home...


  1. Oh, I didn't no that. Thanks, Plushlock, if I am going to Switzerland then it will come in handy.

  2. Plushlock, I am worried about you. Could it be that your, how shall I call it, agency? is experiencing hard times? Or why do you have to waste your superior intellect on banalities such a traffic sign?!

    By the way, when you were a child, you quite liked snow. When we visited grandma during the Christmas season you used to spend the whole time outside constructing snowmen and snow fortresses. You always wanted me to join you in your juvenile games. When I refused, what I always did, you punished me with throwing snowballs at me. Oh, how I hated you at those moments...

  3. Plushlocks Consulting Business is flowering. So, please, show him a bit respect and don't be rude to him. He's absolutly brillient and the best.